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    micro-motor (small and special electrical machine), is the volume, smaller capacity, usually in the hundreds of watts of output power below the motor and use, performance and environmental conditions require special motors. the full name of the special micro-motors, micro motors for short. commonly used in control systems, electromechanical signals or energy detection solver, such as zoom, execution or conversion, or to drive a mechanical load, but also as ac and dc power supplies. 

    performance differences between various types of micro-motor is large, in general, used to drive machinery focused on running and power index starting time; used to be considered as the power output, waveform and stability; micro-motor control is emphasis on static and dynamic parameters. characteristic parameters of the first two categories motor and general motors of similar. only control has its own unique characteristics parameters micromotor. ① operating characteristics. common output and input or output and a relationship between the amount of the other output to represent. from the control requirements, the static characteristic curve should be continuous, smooth, no mutation; dynamic characteristic curve or common frequency response curve. frequency curve should be smooth, no sudden jump oscillation point; response curve should fast convergence. ② sensitivity. units of the input signal corresponding to the output size. than the commonly used torque than the electromotive force coefficient of said amplification. ③ accuracy. under certain input conditions, the accuracy of the output signal representative of the difference between the actual value of micro-motor with the theoretical values​​, common error size indicates. ④ impedance or resistance. in the system, input and output impedance of micro-motor should match with respective circuit to ensure the systems operating performance and accuracy. ⑤ reliability. not only is controlled by the special requirements of micro-motors, micro motors and power-driven micro-motors also have this requirement. common life, loss of efficiency, reliability and mtbf and other parameters characterizing the operational reliability of micro motors. 

    micro-motor areas of application: 

    micro motor is mainly used in three areas: ① control requires no special occasion as a power source for driving the movement of mechanical loads. ② audio-visual equipment. for example, in a video cassette recorder, the key element is both micro motor drum assembly, but also its leading shaft drive, an important component of the automatic loading belt and tape cartridges and tape tension control for income. ③ office automation equipment, computer peripherals and industrial automation equipment. such as disk drives, copiers, cnc machine tools, robots and so the application of micro-motors.
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