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    ferrite (ferrites) is a non-metallic magnetic materials, also known as ferrite. it is composed of iron oxide and one or more other metal oxides (e.g.: nickel oxide, zinc oxide, manganese oxide, magnesium oxide, barium oxide, strontium oxide, etc.) prepared by sintering. relative magnetic permeability which can be up to several thousand, the resistivity is 1011 times the metal, eddy current loss is small, suitable for the production of high frequency electromagnetic devices. hard magnetic ferrite, soft, magnetic moment, magnetic and pressure magnetic spin five. 

    formerly known as ferrite or ferrite magnet, its production process and appearance similar to ceramics, which is also known as magnetic porcelain. ferrite is one or more of iron and other metal elements suitable composite oxide. in the nature of a semiconductor, typically as a magnetic media applications, the most important distinction between the ferrite magnetic material of the magnetic material and the metal or alloy is conductive. the former generally has a resistivity of 10 ~ 10ω · cm, which is only 10 ~ 10ω · cm. 

    many of ferrite having a spinel crystal structure ab2o4. a and b represent a variety of metal cations. generally contain iron. for example in magnetic znfe2o4 formula; fe occupy half of the octahedral and tetrahedral. the rest of the tetrahedron are occupied by zn2 . in one molecule of the ferrite, aa ions ferromagnetic coupling; ions and ab antiferromagnetic coupling of ferromagnetic and anti-ferromagnetic coupling of the magnetic moments cancel each other out, and the remaining is the magnetic moment of the molecule. therefore, the magnetic ferrite is called ferrimagnetic. it is different with the magnetic iron magnet; ferromagnetic spin body each atom has a surplus, they are parallel to each other in the exchange interaction, no offset each other; so high spontaneous magnetization of ferromagnetic general than ferrous magnet
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