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bonded ndfeb magnets

    bonded ndfeb magnetic powder is mixed with the granulated rubber → → → → pressing →→ →  ​​curing paint finishing → ​​→ → with magnetic product packaging production process and made ​​available within an outer diameter to a multi-polar, radial, a variety of charge oblique angle, axial multi-polar, etc. magnetization. can produce a variety of complex shaped products, ultra-fine, ultra-po, a one-time high-precision control. heterosexual energy product is three times the sintered ferrite, and the high intrinsic coercivity magnetic stable, good consistency. performance fluctuate within 5% range, operating temperature up to 150 ℃. product surface coating and epoxy parylene coating, excellent corrosion resistance, smooth surface appearance, no bubbles, cracking, spalling, flash, off the grain and so on. 

    bonded ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet applications: 

    bonded ndfeb permanent magnet materials mainly used for office automation equipment, machinery and electrical equipment, audiovisual equipment, instrumentation, small motors and metering machines, mobile phones, cd-rom, dvd-rom drive motor, disk spindle motor hdd, other extensive micro dc motors and automation instrumentation and other fields applications. in recent years, the proportion of applications for bonded ndfeb permanent magnet materials: computers accounted for 62 percent, the electronics industry accounted for 7%, accounting for 8% of office automation equipment, automobiles accounted for 7%, appliances accounted for 7%, other 9%.
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