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neodymium industry and development forecast

published:2014-08-21 11:36:53

(1) the total production of neodymium metal case 


    china has a large manufacturer of metal neodymium, rare earth metal neodymium and single manufacturer at least 100 or more, chinas major rare earth metal neodymium and a single manufacturer. as can be seen from table 1 of relatively large single rare earth metal neodymium and manufacturers mainly in jiangxi, inner mongolia, xian and dandong, production capacity has reached a level of between 2 to 40,000 tons, according to the person concerned statistics , neodymium metal production in 2003 and pr-nd alloy of more than 10,000 tons. 2002 sales of approximately 7200 tons of metal neodymium, the world (including china) 7000 tons of metal neodymium demand, excess production capacity. 2004 rare earth metal neodymium especially the development of energy and transportation has been restricted. due to tight supply, price increases, resulting in increased metal production costs have been clearly stated in the header does not advocate neodymium metal production, although baotou municipal government has always stressed the metal neodymium - the importance of ndfeb industry chain, but the existing re metal producers are basically not supported. this has forced some companies to stop production or to the price and relatively good place to shift policy. 


(2) cell structure 


    at present, the use of neodymium oxide electrolysis method of producing metal manufacturers, most still use machined from the whole circular groove, open type, anode block or arc using multi-anode, cathode rod for molybdenum or tungsten rods, crucible containing the metal tungsten or molybdenum material. the cell is currently single electrolytic current is generally 2500 ~ 4500a, the monthly production of metal neodymium 2.3 to 4.5 tons capacity, cell life is not more than 180 days. 

    as market competition continues to intensify, metal neodymium manufacturers are all means to reduce production costs, increase single-slot production capacity, improve the technical and economic indicators of enterprises common goal. starting in 2000, the economic strength of several large manufacturers have developed a large cell wanan level, the slot for the plug and multi-multi-molybdenum graphite anode cathode, refractory bricks and masonry tank carbon materials, automatic feeding, siphon out of metal, cell life over one year (baotou rare earth homes wan an electrolyzer has been running more than four years and is still running), the monthly production capacity of 9 tons or more, the effective realization of the open type, oxidation under fluoride molten salt corrosion and high temperature conditions, large-scale production of metal neodymium, improve the overall level of mechanization in the production process, reducing the cost of the product. 

    baotou rare earth research institute developed the molten salt electrolysis of rare earth ten thousand amps, current efficiency 80.13%, 94.99% neodymium recovery, power consumption of 10kwh / kgnd, rare earth molten salt electrolysis process three-dimensional temperature field, flow field, computer simulation of the electric field, and the scientific research applied to optimize the design of the cell, and also developed automated continuous and uniform feeding device. groove larger study currently underway. 

(3) continuously improve product quality 


     neodymium oxide electrolysis product quality equipment primarily used in the legal purity of raw materials electrolysis process systems and operations related to cell-type structure also has some impact on product quality. purity neodymium metal is generally from 99% to 99.95%, an oxygen content of less than 0.05%; fluorine content of less than 0.03%, a carbon content of 0.01% to 0.1%, the tungsten content is generally from 0.01% to 0.05%, a molybdenum content of 0.01% to 0.05%. expand the cell size, stability of product quality and consistency improved significantly. with the continuous improvement and operational level of electrolysis technology continues to improve, the quality of the metal neodymium will also continue to increase.

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