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ndfeb magnets increasingly competitive industry

published:2014-08-21 11:34:54

    with the worlds industrial transfer to china ndfeb magnets and ndfeb magnets industrial transfer to china resources origin, ndfeb magnet industry has begun a new round of "shuffle" the whole industry is entering a difficult period of adjustment. ndfeb production on hundreds of companies compete into 40,000 tons of ndfeb magnets market share. although ndfeb market is growing rapidly with annual growth rate of over 20%, but now, all companies are faced with ndfeb rare earth raw materials prices fly fierce tension and growth challenges. 

    factors neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and other rare earth raw material prices rising dramatically intricacies, are: 

    (1) the source countries to strengthen control of rare earth industry 

    in recent years, the state for the rare earth industry introduced a series of macro-control policies, in control of rare earth production and export has been paying off. 2006 rare earth prices, should belong to the normal market return to the rational, the rare earth market is mature performance. but this year, the state of rare earth production into mandatory plan, the implementation of a more explicit total control of rare earth mining and smelting. baotou baotou area on the first half of the tailings dam reinforcement due to restrictions of rare earth wastewater discharge so baotou steel rare earth high-tech, high-tech and other key enterprises gorgeous once discontinued, then the largest rare earth separation baotou steel rare earth hi-tech production line has an accident, the impact of these factors under exacerbated the supply of rare earth materials in tension. under the tight supply situation of raw materials, metal oxide, praseodymium, neodymium and praseodymium neodymium main production enterprises should give priority to the original fixed large orders, so many small businesses can not get ndfeb rare earth, not only to bear the burden of high prices soaring, even get goods into money trouble. 

    (2) to rectify the integration of rare earth mining 

    national resources defense policy intensified, jiangxi, sichuan and other places strengthen the mining of rare earth mine in consolidation and integration. areas such as liangshan prefecture, starting this year in june, the beginning of a comprehensive reorganization and consolidation of rare earth mining, in addition to individual enterprises (such as xing fang mianning re limited) maintain mining, other mining sites all stop mining, fully integrated. it is reported that the integration will jiangxi copper corporation, jiangxi tungsten industry group corporation and institute of rare earth new material co., three joint lead implementation, will the original multiple mining sites and mining permits, integrated into a mining enterprise and a mining permit integration will last six months. in other words, the second half of this year, the separation of rare earth ore mining and smelting production in sichuan will be difficult to carry out normal. our unique southern state ionic heavy rare earth mine protection is increasingly strengthened, jiangxi province were also strong rare earth mine consolidation, production fell due to ionic ore supply, ion-type rare earth oxide concentrate prices have doubled in 2006 about it, from the beginning of the year 38,000 / ton up to the end of the 78000 / t. 

    (3) rising cost of rare earth separating enterprises 

    separation of rare earth enterprises. in recent years, production costs also rose rapidly, in addition to rare earth concentrate doubled up, the energy, transport and auxiliary materials have increased substantially. especially due to the production of waste treatment and environmental management have become increasingly demanding, more and more strict, increasing investment in environmental protection, greatly increasing the proportion of environmental governance in production costs, so that enterprises can only rely on product price increases to digest . in addition, many companies in the rare earth separation summarizes the painful lesson after years of price competition is also being made in limited production price of the experience. reduced production efficiency has increased, but why not do it. 

    (4) the rapid growth of domestic demand for rare earths 

    although china has adopted export quota system to control the export of rare earth products, but in recent years, with chinas rapid economic growth and foreign it industry, automobile and machinery manufacturing shift to china, chinas rare earth demand has been growing fast. 2002, the annual consumption of domestic rare earth is only 22,000 tons, to the 2006 soared to 62,800 tons, increased by nearly three times. 2002, the national production of sintered ndfeb magnets is only 9000 tons to 2006 it soared to 39,000 tons, increased by nearly four times. but in 2006 the separation of rare earth smelting products output was 15.7 million tons, 75,000 tons more than in 2002 only doubled. rare earth production has been lower than the growth rate of consumption growth, which is bound to push prices praseodymium, neodymium and other rare earth products rise in short supply. 

    (5) the origin of rare earth resources to meet their priority needs 

    our ndfeb industry three bases (zhejiang, shanxi, beijing and tianjin) layout and origin of rare earth resources in three (baotou, jiangxi, sichuan) layout inconsistent, and resources to develop origin and ndfeb magnets in production, borrowed resources, energy and labor advantages of investment, to develop and extend to ndfeb rare earth functional materials based industrial chain, further resulting in fierce competition on the supply and demand of rare earth materials neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and so on.

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