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"tianjin ronghui electronics co., ltd." was selected in the "rise of china" column

published:2021-01-27 16:04:57

in order to explore the cultural essence of chinese traditional business, combined with the brand development strategy under the new era and new form, the brand enterprises are encouraged to base themselves on sincerity and operate with faith, so that the brand can transmit chinas strength and display chinas image. the column "rise of china" aims to show the responsibility and social responsibility of contemporary enterprises by focusing on the outstanding performance of national enterprises in establishing national brands, the contribution of decisive battle against poverty and the achievements of honest brand building, and to help enterprises and brands enhance their brand reputation and influence.tianjin ronghui electronics co., ltd., established in april 2007, is mainly engaged in the development of magnetic materials, specializing in the production and sale of various sintered and bonded magnets. the company takes technology as the support and provides perfect service for customers as the concept, and creates high-tech magnet products. the registered capital of the enterprise is 4.5 million yuan, the fixed assets are over 50 million yuan, and the working capital is 20 million yuan. the company relies on reliable product quality, and the annual output value from 2011 to 2017 has remained above rmb 100 million! the magnet products produced by the company are widely used in micro and small motors in various electrical appliances, electronic products, automobiles and other industries. after years of unremitting development, it has established a smooth and stable marketing channel, and established a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship with many domestic electronic and component manufacturing companies. it has established close business contacts with manufacturers in korea, japan, indonesia, thailand, the philippines and other countries and regions. at present, the companys products are mainly supplied to samsung, lg and other large electronic enterprises, which are used in mobile phones, dvds, televisions, refrigerators, computers, auto parts and other electronic products.tianjin ronghui electronics co., ltd. has broad development prospects in ndfeb permanent magnet industry. by virtue of the companys strong strength, we constantly improve the management level of enterprises, innovate technology, introduce first-class talents, open up markets, strive to serve customers in key industries at home and abroad, and actively promote the development of ndfeb magnets and related industries. through continuous research and development and innovation, our company has formed a series of products with complete specifications, which can meet various needs of customers and create powerful resources and technological advantages. while striving for high output, we also strictly control the quality. the company has passed the acceptance and certification of iso9001, green environmental protection and other related quality and quality.on the shooting scene of the column entering the factory, mr lian zaiyun, chairman of tianjin ronghui electronics co., ltd., introduced the development status and business philosophy of the company. enterprises have deeply realized that creating a strong brand is of far-reaching significance to enterprises, and it is the basis for enterprises to gain core competitive advantages.in view of the outstanding contribution made by tianjin ronghui electronics co., ltd. in the rare earth magnet industry, as well as helping the development of enterprises and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the organizing committee of rising china conducted an in-depth and detailed investigation on enterprise qualifications, management and service models, and enterprise integrity.at last, tianjin ronghui electronics co., ltd. passed the final assessment of the column organizing committee with its good corporate reputation, unique business style and solid market competitiveness. later, mr. lian zaiyun, the chairman of the board of directors, will be invited as a guest in the column "rise of china" to discuss the operation and management in the development of enterprises with the host.
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