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warmly celebrate the website!

published:2014-08-07 13:47:58

    tianjin ronghui electronics co., ltd. website! 

    tianjin ronghui electronics co., ltd. has broad prospects for development in the ndfeb permanent magnet industry. companies with solid strength, improve enterprise management level, innovative technology, the introduction of first-class talent, develop new markets, and strive to serve customers in key industries at home and abroad, and actively promote the development of ndfeb magnets and related industries. through continuous research and development and innovation, our company has formed a complete product line specifications to meet the diverse needs of customers, to create a powerful resource and technical advantages. in seeking high yields, we also strict quality control, the company passed the iso9001, environmental protection and other related quality and quality of inspection and certification. our long been engaged in the development of related industries, the company achieved the following certification and establish business contacts: 

           october 2007, samsung electronics third sector body 

           february 2008 im third sector bodies 

           february 2008 lg third sector bodies 

           december 2009 suzhou samsung cooperation industry body 

           march 2011 tianjin samsung cooperation industry body 

           december 2012 mando third-industry body 

     we welcome every ambitious, aggressive, in the hope of micro motors, advanced magnet, magnetic materials and all kinds of talents to join the development of related industries, and related businesses are willing to carry out sincere cooperation and common development of advanced permanent magnet technology.

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