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issue:what ndfeb is?



     ndfeb material contains large amounts of neodymium and iron, easy to rust. so ndfeb magnets must be surface coating. surface chemical passivation is one good solution. 

    physical and chemical properties of ndfeb: physical appearance: light yellow transparent liquid substance, ph: 7.0-9.0, shen agent:> 20%, passivating agent:> 20%, the other active agent:> 4% 

    ndfeb simple to use, easy to use, has long placed in the air does not rust characteristics of its passive film uniformity, showed a uniform color. superior to nickel plating (ni), zinc (zn), gold (au), chromium (cr), epoxy resin (epoxy) and other surface treatment. 

    characteristics ndfeb: ndfeb permanent magnet materials are intermetallic compound nd2fe14b-based permanent magnet materials. ndfeb has a very high energy product and coercive force, while the advantages of high energy density make ndfeb permanent magnet materials has been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology, so that instrumentation, electro-acoustic motors, magnetic magnetization equipment such as small, lightweight and thin as possible. 

    ndfeb material characteristics: ndfeb advantage is cost-effective, with good mechanical properties; downside is that the low point of the curie temperature, the temperature characteristic is poor, and easy-to-powder corrosion, must adjust their chemical composition and take the surface treatment method is improved so as to meet the requirement of practical application.
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