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issue:ndfeb manufacturing process is like?


    ndfeb permanent magnetic material is used in powder metallurgy process, after the melting of the alloy into a powder and pressed in a magnetic field pressure embryo, the embryo in an inert gas pressure or vacuum sintering to achieve densification in order to increase the coercive force of the magnet coercivity , the aging heat treatment is often required. 

    ndfeb process: ingredients →→ → melting ingot milling → ​​→ → broken-pressure sintering temper → → → magnetic detection grinding machining → ​​→ → magnetizing packaging electroplating 

    ndfeb role in health care: ndfeb permanent magnet is a national 863 works projects of high-tech materials. he can produce a magnetic field is an analog of human bio-magnetic field characteristics, stable performance! acting on the body may be the bodys own magnetic field correction, and enhance the bodys bio-electromagnetic energy meridians to promote running through the air, so as to pass the meridian, increasing brain blood oxygen, reducing the excitability of the cerebral cortex nerve endings, resulting in the promotion of bone by joint tissue metabolism, hypnotic, analgesic, sedative, blood and eliminate anxiety effect. currently used to treat insomnia, neurasthenia, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder and other chronic bone and joint diseases, and these diseases cause pain, numbness and other symptoms.
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