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tianjin ronghui electronics co., ltd. is established in 2007, engaged in magnetic materials development, professional production sales of all kinds of sintering, adhesion magnet co., ltd. is a professional production of permanent magnet materials enterprises, the company is supported by technology, to provide perfect services for the concept of a magnet. our company has been cooperating with korea electronic technology research institute and water university, has been committed to the development of motor drive system of energy saving and new energy vehicle, has been successful and began batch production. 

 the company production magnet products are widely used in various kinds of electrical, electronic products, automobile and other industries of micro, small motor. after years of unremitting development has established a smooth, stable jinxiao channel, and many electronic and component production companies in china established long-term solid strategic cooperation relationship. with korea, japan, indonesia, thailand, the philippines and other countries established close business transactions, the companys products mainly supply samsung, lg and other large electronic enterprises, used in mobile phones, dvds, tvs, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, car accessories and other electronic products.

 tianjin ronghui electronics also established tianjin ronghui motor co., ltd. in tianjin economic and technological development zone, and built 12,000 square meters workshop for motor production base. it is expected to be operational in june 2017. the main production of new energy vehicle high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, inverter, converter and reducer can be used in many traffic and mobile power applications, its high efficiency performance and integration design for light weight, small size, low cost, provides an ideal solution for various electric vehicles.

at present, the company is in the rapid development period, in order to encourage employees to maintain entrepreneurial enthusiasm and pursue higher goals, we adhere to the " people-oriented" management thoughts, establish scientific management system and standardize corporate system, formulate and implement a series of humanistic management measures, flexible employee welfare and rich employees leisure life. 

 we welcome every effort to participate in the development of new energy drive motor, advanced magnet, magnetic materials and related industries. also willing to cooperate sincerely with relevant enterprises to jointly develop advanced permanent magnet technology. facing new opportunities and challenges, " ronghui people" will continue to innovate and forge ahead, to push the ronghui electronics to a higher development platform, become a star enterprise of the international magnet industry!

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